Introducing: Wallie

What is a “Wentletrap”?

That is what Wallie would like to know.

This is Wallie.


Wallie is an Imp.

I found him in my bedroom in my pencil drawer, which is where I usually find my most important things.

I had no idea what to do with him.

That’s where my Friend comes in.

My Friend loves folklore. He is the only person I know dotty enough to actually believe that Imps, Goblins, Fairies, and the Lochness Monster really do exist.

My Friend can communicate with Wallie because he knows and speaks Impish. He is teaching me, but it’s slow going. I think he must have learned it from a relative because they don’t teach Impish at our university. It is a relief, having someone who can talk to Wallie. That Imp is always nattering on about strange people or things he’s seen. His stories are the source for most of what you will find on this site.

That still leaves us with the problem of what a “Wentletrap” is.

I could tell you, except the answer is so much more boring than what it might be. 

Let’s redefine it a little.

Welcome to “Wallie’s Wentletrap.”

2 thoughts on “Introducing: Wallie

    1. That’s precisely why I don’t let him sleep on my pillow anymore. Apparently a favorite Impish pastime is bothering folks awake. My Friend will certainly speak to him about not going out of doors in the wee hours. Wallie sends his sincerest apologies (my Friend is trying to teach him to apologize. It doesn’t come naturally to Imps).

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