Wallie on Fantasy (Or Is It?)


This little dragon (above) is not happy.  Someone told him that dragons and fairies aren’t real.  They also said that they were too old for fairy tales and children’s books.

Every weekend, Wallie and my Friend spend a great deal of time sitting and looking at picture books together.  I’m not talking about high quality photography either.*  But when Wallie heard that he was not being a profound, grown-up Imp, he was very upset.

So Wallie, my Friend, and I collaborated on this illustrated poem. I hope you will enjoy it as much as we did. This is for all you fantasy children’s authors and artists, and the maybe-(and-maybe-not)- grownups like me (and my Friend) who, in the words of Carrie Underwood, realize that “sometimes you reach what’s realest by making believe.”**

Polly Pink

“Why all of your dreaming

It just can’t be true!”

And Polly Pink thought,

“Well if only they knew.


“If they knew my Dragon

“(And I know her well)—

“If they knew my Charming

“(Perhaps—time will tell)


“I daresay they wouldn’t go

“Frowning at rhymes

“And telling me thinking

“Is wasting my time.


“Somehow I will show them

“And make them see, too.”

Polly Pink she sat down

And she drew—


And she drew.


* We were reading The Duchess of Whimsy last Saturday and I might have been seen.

** Wallie loves Carrie Underwood’s song “Ever Ever After.”

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