Wallie the Imp on Evil Accessories


(Wallie and the Evil Goblet)

Wallie the Imp is very excited about Halloween. In response to the Daily Post’s challenge on blending genres and styles, I decided to help him write an instructional guide on how to make your Halloween decorations happy in their new home.

This is fantasy from an instructional point of view.


(The Evil Goblet)

The traditional Halloween accessory is a pumpkin, but Wallie is especially happy with his Evil Goblet.

1) When you decide to purchase a Halloween item, make sure your personalities are compatible. A wrong choice could be fatal, particularly if it is haunted.


(Evil Martini)

2) Be prepared to make sacrifices when you bring your accessory home. After all, you are introducing it to an entirely new environment. Be willing to go the extra mile.


(The Evil Goblet at Home)

3) Consider the natural habitat of your item. Evil Goblets like to be surrounded by other evil things. I added candy to the mix, and that worked out wonderfully. Don’t be afraid to experiment, but do know the basics.

4) Be careful not to go too far. If Wallie brings one more spider inside, I am going outside. I don’t think that worried him like it should have.

5) Put together a list of comfort requirements for people who take care of Imps and buy them Evil Accessories.

Do you believe in dragons?

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