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Wallie on Animal Friends


Wallie the Imp and I were somewhat confused by today’s Daily Post prompt. Wallie refuses to let me call him a pet. Imps are not pets. They are personalities.

We had the good fortune to know a friend of a friend who does in fact own a small cat. He was good enough to send us material to help us with our post, promising a poem that would perfectly sum up his feelings for his animal friend.

Wallie and I were very excited until we read it.

The rest we leave to you…

O little pet!
—Thou pet, of mine
Would I had words enough
—And time—
To tell thee all the cheer you give
And shall—
The some odd years you live—
To share by feeling and design—
By some abstruse yet moving line—
The joys—the gifts
That all are thine.
O pet!
My pet—
So game and small—
I haven’t time to tell you all—
But in thy willful ways and wild
I think I see
—at least in part—
The frolic of a carefree child
That is all witless will and heart—
I pray I never will forget
The rambles, rollicks of
—My pet.

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