Wallie on Weather

wallie_seasons_drawingWallie the Imp loves all sorts of weather.  He is not particularly fond of rainy days and clouds, but he understands that they are a part of life without which all goblins and imps would die.  So in honor of the four changing seasons, and to meet today’s Daily Post prompt, Wallie has applied to his penniless artistic friends for aid.  One of them rose to the little fellow’s challenge.  Here we share the result.  It is not what we expected.  To be fair, it never is.



Why dearest, in the Summertime
I only think of Wintertime
And in the Spring and spongy clime
I think of Autumn on the dime;
But in my willfulness, perverse—
(Knowing it really could be worse)
I know that if it were reverse
I would not be at all adverse;
Knowing that in the Summertime—
The Wintertime—
The Quasi-clime—
There is a better, fairer clime
Within your moonlit heart and mine.

Do you believe in dragons?

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