Meow Keela


As requested by “Meow  Keela,” we humbly present a drawing of the child who sometimes thinks she is a cat!  We (that is, my Friend and I–Wallie can’t draw to save him) are somewhat ashamed that this young girl may or may not look two years old.  Perhaps this is a “Meow” of the future.

Please do visit “Meow’s” blog, “Meow Keela,” for more on this imaginative little girl.  The blog will also explain why the hair, tail, and furry feet are slightly blue.

Accept our apologies for the slow rate of posts.  It is all Wallie’s fault.  But we are not quite dead and are feeding the Blog pears to keep it on its feet.

Special thanks from the Imp, my Friend, and I to “Meow Keela” for the idea for this portrait!  We only hope we were able to do “Meow” justice.  🙂

3 thoughts on “Meow Keela

  1. Wow you really did that … :D. Sorry I did not drop by all these days. You havd no idea how much this means to me. I am getting it framed 😀


  2. Ha ha … Aptly put, this could be my Meow in 5 years time. Oh did you think Meow is imaginary ? She is very much my daughter’s alter ego. 🙂


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