Good to be Bad


Hullo, mates! Wallie and I have sent forth our first effort at a full-length novel to the Kindle Scout program! It’s exhausting (Wallie is flat on his face) but entirely worth it. We love the cover more than we love the contents. We confess it and hang our heads in shame.

Below is a brief synopsis of the book, a YA dystopia and plain old comic-bookish fun:

It isn’t a Good thing to be Kay Nutter, the orphaned daughter of Do-Gooders, at the Academy for the best and baddest minds. Kay is bullied for her name, her style, her size. Her foster parents’ advice? Bully them back. Kay is determined to be the worst, the meanest person ever. That’s alright. Lex Lattimer has picked tonight, of all nights, to be “Good” for her.

Read the sample if you’re at all interested and nominate if it’s at all worthwhile. HERE IS THE LINK:

Anyway, here’s to seeing what comes of this adventure… 🙂

Oh and, you may see mention of a diabolical guinea pig in Aileen Keller’s bio. The guinea pig is real.


3 thoughts on “Good to be Bad

  1. Reblogged this on Dreams from a Pilgrimage and commented:
    Aimed at the young adult audience, Good To Be Bad is a tongue-in-cheek look at a dystopia where villains are rewarded and “do-gooders” ostracized. But a wrench is about to be thrown into the ranks of a training Academy for super-villains with the reappearance of an old villain – that is, “do-gooder.”

    Hope you’ll take the time to read the excerpt from the book by this young author at Kindle Scout ( ) and nominate it for future publication. If it’s selected, you will receive a free advance copy.

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