Welcome New Year — 2018


A Happy New Year from “Wallie’s Wentletrap!”

New Year

We wait upon the next New Year
But we are far from new, my dear;
There is reflection in your gaze
That lingers on the dimming days
Likewise a line that thins your cheek
And marks the weary way of weeks—
The minutes making months and whiles,
The seasons changing changeless miles;
Familiar hand gone somewhat thin
The stubble roughness on your chin—
No resolution you would make
Except for one—and for your sake—

I say that it cannot be done,
That day is passed—the race was run;
There are a thousand better vows
To make the shining New Year proud.
Be still my angel, knight and knave,
Don’t let it go—but daily shave—
Don’t steal the truffles, candies fine
You buy me for a Valentine;
Say that you will no longer snore
As on the thousand nights before,
And swear you will not love me worse
Than hint indifference in reverse.

For better love I cannot guess
Than in your tired, tender press;
A truer heart I could not find
Than in the youth we left behind—
The strike of twelve is wild for some,
A quest, a journey just begun;
The strike of twelve is yet for me
The same as it will ever be.
You dream our love will be more dear
With every past and each New Year;
But we are rich, though standing poor—
I simply cannot love you more.

Do you believe in dragons?

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