Allergic to Good Behavior

Art, Fantasy


Well who isn’t? Here’s a very short fic following the tribulations and triumphs of a little girl who is allergic to good behavior.

Little Gail Grey

Little Gail Grey was marvelously horrid.

She had her own room and her own set of colored pencils. She had her very own dollhouse, a closet that was two feet by six which is not bad when you think about it, and a bathroom that was hers approximately seven months out of the twelve because when her older sister Betsy came home on holidays, she had to share. She had a frog in a bowl who was spotted and fat, a sticker collection, and a pillow that was lavender on one side and pink on the flip.

Gail thought that if the frog were a nice frog, it would rouse enough energy at least to die, because it was very boring and she wanted another one. She thought Betsy, her sister, ought to clean the bathroom without their taking turns since she was borrowing it after all. She thought that she—Gail—should be paid per usage, since her ten dollar a week allowance wasn’t nearly enough.

“It isn’t fair,” said Gail Grey. “No one cares what I want! No one ever listens to me.”