Unwanted Goblins and a Mostly-Blind Elf

Art, Fantasy


Because you can’t be much more forlorn than that, can you? It was Wallie’s idea to post this. It is a little something from a larger project we are working on.


The King-Goblin was  astonished. When he heard of Prince Ham’s capture, he had idealized their meeting as a clash of similar wills, the inevitable plea for mercy, and then a quick, clean beheading. What he discovered was something very different. A young elf-prince certainly, dressed not in the robes of his people but a close-cut suit and lace, and all around him the castaway children and elderly cripples of the king’s own goblin-kind. The elf stood with them, and they with the elf, as if it were not he on trial but all as one.