Wallie and the Liebster Award


Wallie and the Liebster Award

Wallie and I were a little embarrassed when we saw that The Introspection Connection nominated us for the Liebster Award. We are very grateful and invite you to visit their own wonderful and very poetic blog. We are definitely followers ourselves.

I thought I’d let the Imp answer some of the questions while I handle others. We’ll see how it goes.

Question 1: Wallie—what made you want to start a blog? 

Wallie: (Chews on a pencil eraser).

Me: Sigh. I did find him in a pencil drawer. The thing is, he tells me ideas and I try to write them. Sometimes I write my own ideas and he makes fun of them. He’s a bad little imp. This is primarily a writing blog with our own illustrations and borrowed photos (please don’t hesitate to let me know if you don’t want your photo appearing on this site!).

Wallie: Yacha!


Question 2: Wallie—since you didn’t answer the first one—what inspires you?

Wallie: Wacha mu jeekaloo. Wah!

Me: Uh—that’s Impish for watching the birds fly in the sky. I think. I like watching birds, too. But what inspires me to write is—

Wallie: Wah!

Me: No. Hmm. I’m inspired by everyday things like—

Wallie: Wah!

Me: Fine. Like you. Whatever. It is ‘Wallie’s Wentletrap.’ I guess the dumdum deserves some credit.


Question 3: How do you come up with new ideas for your posts?

Me: I’m not really sure if there’s a trick to it. I write about what I want to write—

Wallie: Wah!

Me: Be quiet. This is my question.

Wallie: Waliko…dorami?

Me: Sigh. Sorry. I’m sorry, Wallie. Why do you have to look so cute? Fine! You give me lots of the ideas. But some of them are mine, too. Right?

Wallie: Wakko.

Me: What did you just say?


Question 4: What is the most helpful piece of advice you have received about blogging?

Me: Blog a lot. That helps draw readers in (I hope) and keeps you engaged. I’m trying hard to blog as often as I can, but sometimes life—and imps—really get in the way! Also, don’t be afraid to write what you want to. You honestly never know what’s going to fly. And if no one else likes it, someone does—you do. That’s really all that matters. Don’t delete it just because it got 1 like out of 50 readers—

Wallie: Erchacha?

Me: I did not.

Wallie: Hee-hoo!

Me: Did not.

Wallie: Hee-hoo!

Me: Did not.

Wallie: Hee-hoo!


Wallie: HEE-HOO.


Question 5: What are some other blogs you have enjoyed reading?

 Me: I like blogs that are thoughtful and creative, that pull you in and leave you wondering. I also like blogs that give you writing ideas. Here are a few favorites:

The Introspection Connectionpoetry, self-reflection, and beautiful images

Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo – beautiful photos and writing prompts that never leave you bored. A wonderful community

Ancroiait – because even though I can’t understand Irish Gaelic, the language just looks beautiful

LifeLessons — a very thoughtful and engaging blog

The Ink Owl — beautiful images and writing. Fantasy and poetry are weaknesses of mine, and Wallie and I just read “Through a Haunted Glass.”


Me: Thank you for reading. I am not responsible for any of Wallie’s answers. I am not responsible for anything he says or does.

Wallie: Wachamachoo!

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