Snow Cycling


Snow Cycling (198 Words)

“Do humans really ride on these?”

The fairy, Snowdrop, glanced at her companion as she shook a bag of snow over the lawn. It was the middle of the night and their faces reflected the golden streetlights. Skip, always curious, was looking at a bicycle.

“I’ve seen people ride them,” said Snowdrop. “They balance.”

“How do you balance without wings?” asked Skip.

Snowdrop shook her head. She gave him a snow-shaker. “Hurry or we’ll be here forever. You know we can’t be seen.”

Skip made a face behind her back. “You look so cold, poor thing,” he said to the bike. “I’ll make you a blanket.”

“I don’t think it hears you,” Snowdrop teased.

Skip sprinkled snowflakes in her hair. “I think it does.”

“Would you like to try it?”

The smile left his face. “What?”

She waved her long-fingered hand and the bike stood up by itself. When she sat, the fairy was small enough for Skip to join her.

“First,” she said. “You hold the bars. Like this.”

The next day, Billy looked out his window at the snow. What made him wonder were the tracks crossing back and forth, leading up to his snow-covered bike.


Written in response to the Daily Post’s Daily Prompt, “Strategy.” Also written in response to  Flash Fiction for the Purposeful PractitionerThey’re fun challenges–have a look!

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