One Log House


The Log Boat (162 Words)

“That,” said Captain Ratt, “will be a hard boat to bail.”

“It is what it is.” The beaver folded her arms. “Do you want it or not?”

Denial was on the tip of the man’s tongue. It seemed to him a peculiar irony that he could name any ship by its rig and still be as much at a loss to build a seaworthy craft with his own hands as anyone. Perhaps it was justice that he should be shipwrecked on an island of talking animals.

Someone tugged the captain’s trouser leg. The mole twins, Digger and Rustle, looked up at him. “Are you going now, Cap’n Ratt?”

The captain sat, letting the little ones climb in his lap. He looked at the creatures who had saved and befriended him.

“I couldn’t go if I wanted to,” he confessed with a humorous smile. “But I can help you make this boat into a fine little house for yourselves. If you’ll help me.”


Written in response to FFfAW’s photo challenge. Check it out!

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