Dragons and Fireworks

Fantasy, Humor


Dragons and Fireworks (309 Words)

I found Grandpa talking to the salesman. They were leaning in the shade of the porch. It was early afternoon and hot for mid-July.

“It’ll be good to get back,” said the salesman. “You haven’t seen anything like it. The city’s always alive.”

“Oh I’ve seen it,” said Grandpa. “My daughter and the kids went to see the fireworks in D.C.. We spent a weekend there.”

The salesman nodded. “A small town’s alright,” he said. “But you don’t get sights like that.”

“We see stranger things.” Grandpa saw me and waved me over. “Tell him, kiddo,” he said. “Tell him about the dragon.”

Revealing Rain

Fantasy, Romance


Revealing Rain (682 Words)

“Well isn’t that something,” he said. “That’s something.”

The water was running on his cheek. His hair was plastered in heavy sodden locks over his brow despite his effort to smooth it, so black, so vivid against his feverish color, she couldn’t help it. She leaned to him and stumbled.

He started, held her. His eyes fell to hers. For a startling instant she thought he knew her in spite of her disguise, because sharpness and reserve  seemed to ice his childlike wonder. But then wonder, reserve, gave to a keener awareness. She raised her hands and he bowed his head. Their lips touched. They flinched. Her fingers curled in his dripping hair and brought his wet white mouth more surely to hers.

They kissed.

Hanging on Clouds #writephoto

Fantasy, Romance


Hanging on Clouds (293 Words)

There are some ideas that can only be summed up by a picture. Telling the idea is never as good as the picture itself.

I wish that I could speak you a sunset, but you have to feel its warmth; I wish that I could speak to you the reflection of light on water, but you have to feel that light dazzle in your head. But it has been years since I saw a sunset, since I lost my eyes in the dragon fire that cost so many lives.

Candle Dancing

Fantasy, Humor


Candle Dancing (200 Words)

She lit the candle. The flame was small at first, like a small glowing drop at the bottom of a waxy mug, before it blossomed to fullness.

“Took you long enough!”

Louise glared. In the shadows and warmth of her dining room, she could just make out the fairy girl.

“Alright,” said Louise, “I have a candle. Now what?”

Goblins and Lipstick

Fantasy, Romance


Goblins and Lipstick (303 Words)

It’s a funny thing when a goblin falls in love with a human, or vice versa. This goblin fell in love with a young man. And although the time spent between them suggested he wasn’t repulsed by her, the goblin wasn’t sure.

She wasn’t a very good-looking goblin. But she had two legs and two arms, and except for the strangeness in her eyes and habits, she wasn’t so different. She and the young man would sit for hours outside her secret home in the woods. But she couldn’t forget how she had startled him when they first met. She never wanted to see him afraid of her again.

Wading in the Shallows

Fantasy, Photo


Wading in the Shallows (149 Words)

“What are you doing?”

Marge looked up from taking her shoes off.

“Come on,” she said. “It’ll be nice.”

Her companion gnawed his lip. “But there isn’t time! There’s the Diamond Citadel—and then we have to go to the Elder’s Council, to warn them—”

“I know,” said Marge. “But my feet hurt and I’m tired.”

The elf’s disbelief was replaced by anger. “The world is at stake,” he hissed, “and you’re resting?”

When the Road Met the Hill

Fantasy, Photo


When the Road Met the Hill (423 Words)

The field ran so far, but the road would never meet the green hill that shadowed its north horizon. But roads have a particular longing to be all places at once. This one road wanted very much to meet the hill. But no one else wanted to go, because the hill’s summit was home to a goblin.

There was the day when one stranger came along, and a shabby fellow he was, too. He must have come from very far. The road felt him walking along and figured he was as likely a person as any to climb the hill.