Art Fantasy

A World You Half Remember


A World You Half Remember (488 Words)

His cabin was like himself, bare and austere, except for a single photograph on the starboard wall that stood a glaring, stark discrepancy amid the otherwise Spartan setting. The lieutenant drew closer to this, looking on it as the one item aboard-ship as out of place as herself. The frame was cast metal, common and unromantic, but the image preserved in liquid plasma was the living converse.

It was a quiet scene. Tall grass profuse in a mountain valley, the waving green-grey a sea of plant life. Thin-limbed trees lined the incline leading to a still, brown lake. The trees’ bark was a striking marble hue and their leaves a full olive, but their trunks were twisted and bent, almost twining in on themselves.

The effect was alien but beautiful and Ella, who dearly missed land after months spent in space, could not suppress a quiet,

‘What a beautiful picture.’