Mermaid Makeover


Mermaid Makeover (194 Words)

“My tail’s drying out again! Cora, please!”

Dutifully, Cora emptied another bucket of salt water over her younger sister’s tail. The blue fish scales gleamed like jewels in the evening light.

“You know,” said Cora. “I really don’t think he cares about your hair.”

Anemone ignored her. She studied herself anxiously in the mirror. The looking glass was buried to its handle in sand, but it wouldn’t last when the tide came in. The mermaid struggled with her hair, her black curls stubborn with sea salt.

“How do I look?” she asked when she finished.

“Like you’re wearing a bird’s nest as a hat,” said Cora.

Seeing her sister’s disappointed face, the elder mermaid sighed. She took the pins out of Anemone’s hair.

“You look beautiful, Annie,” she said. “If he doesn’t see it, he’s too stupid for words. Do you really think men are that stupid?”

Anemone sniffed, wiping the moisture under her eyes.

Here.” Cora took the seaweed ribbon from her own hair, tying it in her sister’s. “Does that help?”

Her sister managed a smile. “Thank you, Cori.”

Cora hugged her. “I didn’t do anything. Now go and break his heart.”


Written in response to the Daily Post’s Daily Prompt, “Permit,” and Putting My Feet in the Dirt’s prompt for February 5, “Silly n sexy.”

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