Castles and Carpeting


Castles and Carpeting (99 Words)

The castle was different. The hanging weapons were taken from the walls and replaced with classical paintings. The dungeon was carpeted and clean. But ghosts are like fireweed, and I could see them in the eyes of my companion.

“Let’s go,” I said.


He stopped me. He looked into the prison cell, cheerless even in 100 watt lighting, his hand resting on the grate. I wondered what he was remembering but was afraid to ask, to test him. His hand quivered on the iron bars.

“They don’t know,” he said. “They don’t know what it was like.”


Written in response (tangentially) to the Daily Post‘s Daily Prompt, “Conjure,” and directly to Carrot Ranch’s Flash Fiction Challenge. Check it out!

12 thoughts on “Castles and Carpeting

      1. can’t neglect the spiritual aspect; especially in a place like an old dungeon, they’ll find the commercial value will plunged down the tubes if the living are scared to be there……

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