Candle Dancing


Candle Dancing (200 Words)

She lit the candle. The flame was small at first, like a small glowing drop at the bottom of a waxy mug, before it blossomed to fullness.

“Took you long enough!”

Louise glared. In the shadows and warmth of her dining room, she could just make out the fairy girl.

“Alright,” said Louise, “I have a candle. Now what?”

The fairy-girl’s chin fell. “I don’t know.”

Louise didn’t like to see her unhappy.

“We have the candle,” she said. “Your parents will come. Wait! I know what’s missing. Music, right? That’s what the rhyme said? Something about ‘candle bright and music light’? Well, it isn’t traditional, but this will have to do.”

The little fairy giggled at the pop song. “You’re a silly!”

Louise didn’t answer. The fairy girl, too, had seen the lights outside the window.

“We did it!” she said. “Mommy! Daddy!”

Her little hands clapped with joy.

Louise thought it must be the light from the street. But when she heard the soft knock on ther door, she knew it was real. There were too many fairies to count, and at their head was an anxious pair.

“She’s inside,” said Louise. “Boy am I glad you’re here.”


Written in response to Daily Post’s Daily Prompt, “Conversant,” and Sammi Cox’s Weekend Writing Prompt. Check ’em out!

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