Grimsward and Homeward


Grimsward and Homeward (155 Words)

The trail stretched for miles through the Grimsward forest. Already the three companions had walked for six hours. As the sun set, the trees  gathered close, and already Edgar was seeing troubling things in the shadows of the haunted wood.

“What are they?” asked Midge.

“Don’t you two know?” asked their gnoman guide. “They’re the spirits of lost travelers. Travelers who didn’t stay on the road.”

The last remark was directed at Edgar and his weaving steps. The bard met his glare with a shaky smile.

“Do you know what would help?” he said. “Music. Why don’t you play us something on your drum?”

The gnoman’s surly face lost its frown for amazement. “You want me to beat on my drum?”

“Yes,” said Edgar. “Midge and I will sing.”

It wasn’t the first time the spirits had seen travelers. But it was the first time anyone had marched and sung their way into the dark.


Written in response to Daily Post’s Daily Prompt “Above,” and Sunday Photo Fiction’s prompt. Check it out here! Photo (c) Mike Vor.

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