When Rejection Strikes the Writer’s Life


When Rejection Strikes the Writer’s Life (169 Words)

There are, perhaps, few things more damaging than rejection. In love as in friendship, in friendship as in writing, a word of rejection can cause the most torturous self-doubt. Now to be fair, a thrown-away love is a far worse tragedy than a turned-around manuscript and “No thank you.” But to be equally just, if writing is love for you—an expression of some winged part of yourself—then a formed letter is like a smack in the face.

“I,” said Katy, “am never sending anything out again!”

“What happened?”

“Read this.” She thrust her laptop forward. “‘Thank you for sending, but we’re afraid there is no character development and this covers no new ground. Best of luck placing this piece elsewhere.’ Huh? Best of luck? Is that a threat?”

The dragon looked over her shoulder. It huffed through its nose. “I don’t know. I thought we were covering new ground. I liked the dragon who ate blueberry pies. But maybe that’s too everyday. Maybe they really want fantasy.”


Written in response to the Daily Post’s Daily Prompt, “Typical.” Check it out!

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