Snow, Man!


Snow, Man! (139 Words)

It was a snowman at the edge of the playground. Seeing the snowman, Gracie rubbed her cold nose and sat down.

“Gah,” she said. “What do I want to talk to you for?”

The snowman didn’t say anything.

“I shouldn’t even sit with you,” said Gracie. “You just didn’t snow hard enough. Couldn’t you have snowed a little longer so I wouldn’t have to go to school.”

The snowman was unmoved.

Gracie sighed. She took some candy from her pocket, unwrapping it and sucking the chocolate.

“You’re a silly snow man,” she said. “You don’t even have eyes.”

A sudden realization brightened her face. Gracie crumpled her empty candy wrappers, placing the foil strategically on the snowman’s face.

“There,” she said. “Now maybe you’ll see enough to snow harder next time.”

She smiled and this time, the snowman smiled back.


Photo (c) Jade Wong. Written in response to Sunday Photo Fiction’s prompt and the Daily Post’s Daily Prompt, “Uncompromising.” Check ’em out!

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