Pollye Pye-Ratt


Pollye Pye-Ratt (265 Words)

Wallie and I are pleased to introduce you to the Pye-Ratts.

Pollye Pye-Ratt and her family members featured in a very recent Computer Science project. Although the project was not graded as I and the Pye-Ratts had hoped, nonetheless the subject is still worth sharing.

First off–Pollye is a mouse, not a rat! But we’ll let her speak for herself.


My name is Pollye Pye-Ratt…and I’m a mouse, not a rat! I think I am a field mouse, because my parents are very small. I’ve very small too, but that’s because I am one season old and they tell me I’m supposed to be. I think I am very clever for my age. Mice grow much more quickly than some larger animals do.

Besides myself, I have three siblings, two brothers and a sister. I am the youngest. My brothers’ names are Peter and Pip, and my sister’s name is Paula. Paula is the smart one. There is also a very strange old mouse called Swag who is always telling us stories about the good old days on the open sea. We call him Grampa Swag. We all live on a houseboat called the Moon Cheese with Mama and Papa. I asked Mama once why we call it the Moon Cheese and she said it was just a very nice name.

As of now, I am only a powder monkey on the Moon Cheese. A powder monkey is someone who carries out small jobs on a ship. I don’t think it’s right to call a mouse a monkey, especially not a mouse like me.


More to follow! This subject fits the Daily Post’s Daily Prompt, “Wonder.” Artwork (c) Wallie’s Wentletrap.

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