Pip and Paula Pye-Ratt


Pip Pye-Ratt

From the Diary of Pollye Pye-Ratt

Dear Diary, 

Hello again. Today Mama and I swabbed the deck. Mama says we have to keep the deck swabbed so the Moon Cheese’s boards won’t split. I wonder what would happen if the boards split. Maybe the boat would sink. I’m trying to imagine what a boat with split boards would look like.

It was really Pip’s turn to swab today. He is on the schedule but because he is youngest, he gets away with anything. Pip is annoying and makes a lot of noise. Everyone says he is cute. Because I am the middle child, no one says I am cute. But my older sister Paula says that she has it the hardest. She says the oldest always has to be grown up and have responsibilities.


Paula Pye-Ratt

Paula is bossy and smart but she is very nice. She helped me keep lookout in the crow’s nest. I don’t know why they call the lookout post a “crow’s nest” because we’re mice, not crows, and I’m not sure mice have nests. We have a boat.

–Pollye Pyre-Ratt


Wallie and I will continue to introduce you to the members of the Pye-Ratt family (mice, not rats). They were featured in an ill-fated Computer Science project. Yep–you may wonder.

Do you believe in dragons?

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