Forgotten Frontier


Forgotten Frontier (199 Words)

A headline. A mystery. Here is the outline, the sketch of a story that is and cannot be solved. Secured for the private use of our elite, a Model-X spacecraft is stolen. The location was classified. But people talk. Others listen. I listened for years, a menial with secrets of my own. At last, it is done.

If only they could see—.

If they knew, would they hunt us? Would they condemn, even in the light of his quiet eye, whose innocence inspired the sin? This world is failing. It is death. The air we breathe is a poisonous concentrate, and pure oxygen tickets are not cheap. We are in desperate need of charity, but there is none, not for the silent, gentle eyes that keep my heaven.

We cannot afford care. He is too fragile to survive. The one life I value above existence is dying, and I cannot, will not let him go. Not when there is a chance, a hope—a dream—that I can save him.

There are points of the universe abandoned for centuries. Sweet air. Quiet space. It is time to be free. It’s time to go home.

It’s time to discover Earth.


Written in response to the Daily Post’s Daily Prompt, “Incubate.” Check it out!

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