Magin the Moon-Weaver #writephoto

Fantasy, Photo


Magin the Moon-Weaver (739 Words)

There is a humorous story they tell in Dehr Los of the first time Magin met the Wanderer. Po (the Wanderer) went everywhere in those days, as drifting and tieless as a feather on the wind. He took odd jobs now and then to keep the flesh on his bones, but he stayed nowhere for very long. So it was that he came to a very lonely place without any kind of company or safe shelter.

He was very tired when he saw the stone house on the hillside. It wasn’t like any house you’ve ever seen before, with trees leaning over the stone roof and walls and steps of stone. But Po, his feet sore, thought it as likely a place as any to rest. He had no fear of ghosts or trolls. He more or less expected them.