Goblin Burial and Museum Souvenirs


Goblin Burial and Museum Souvenirs (138 Words)

 “That’s not how we bury our dead in Chormat-Dor.”

Anna looked down at the souvenirs from a visit to the museum, small-scale replicas of Egyptian mummies. She glanced at her companion, blue-lipped and red-eyed.

“Really?” she said, uneasily.

“In Chormat-Dor,” said the goblin, “we wrap them in spider webs and sink them in the Bottomless Deep. And then we spin an image in their shape and burn it over our rock pit.”

“That sounds complicated,” said Anna, “and a little like overkill.”

“When you die,” said the goblin, “I will sink you into the bottomless waters.”

“Uh—thank you. When you die, I’ll bury you under a honeysuckle bush.”

The goblin looked at her sideways. “This is a morbid conversation.”

“You started it!” She arranged the souvenirs on a shelf. “That looks pretty.”

The goblin rolled his eyes.


Written in response to  Sunday Photo Fiction‘s prompt. Check it out!

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