Under the Bridge


Under the Bridge (164 Words)

He knew they would never ask him to play with them. George didn’t even feel bad about it anymore. On this field trip to the local botanical gardens, he had his own ideas about what to do.

In his orange shirt and green-striped purple shorts, the boy crouched on the bridge. With his net in his hand he leaned over the side.

There were fish alright. George watched the small minnows nibble the web’s netting, too small to get caught inside. After a moment, watching them, he saw new movement. There was something bigger in the shadows.

George was too scared to move. But the creature didn’t seem interested in him. It sat enjoying the water, looking up at him with calm yellow eyes.

“It’s rude to stare,” said the dragon.

“I didn’t know dragons lived under bridges,” said George.

The dragon nibbled its claws. “There are strange things everywhere if you’re willing to see them. I see one right now, over my head.”


Written in response to FFfAW’s ChallengeCheck it out! Photo (c) Yinglan.

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