Wishing Rock


Wishing Rock (159 Words)

She reached the rock at twilight’s early colors. The stone’s peculiar shape, the deep bowl at its center, reminded Alice of a well. Perhaps that was why it was known as the “wishing rock.” There was water in the basin, but it was shallow and green with resilient plant life.

Alice managed to climb the rock-side, leaning over the water’s surface. Protected from wind, the water was flat, glass-like and still.

“I wish,” said Alice, “that I could see him.”

The water was still. She saw only her own face, shadowed in silhouette.

“Please,” said Alice. Her voice broke. “I never said goodbye.”

Tears slid down her cheeks. For a moment, knowing only her pain, she cried. When she looked again she was steadier.

There, in the basin, was one of evening’s first stars shining up at her by reflection. She wiped her nose, looking at it. And somehow, from the warmth within, she knew her prayer was answered.


Written in response to Sue Vincent’s Thursday Photo PromptCheck it out!

8 thoughts on “Wishing Rock

    1. Thank you. Wallie and I are glad you liked. I lost a loved one last week and it’s knocked a dent in things–sad stories come naturally at times like these. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


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