Extraterrestrial Sabotage


Extraterrestrial Sabotage (187 Words)

Dave looked up.

“Have you got it?” he asked.

Jasper held out the file. Dave put aside the magazine he had been reading and took it. His face was tense with concentration. He didn’t notice the expression on his partner’s face, sharp and ready.

“What is this?” Dave flipped through the pages in the file. “These are blank.”

“I’m sorry, Dave,” said Jasper.

At last, Dave looked up. “You did this,” he said quietly. “Why? Why would you destroy the papers?”

“I couldn’t,” said Jasper. “I couldn’t let you find them. They are my family. I may look as human as you, but their blood is my blood.”

Dave’s eyes were fixed on his partner’s face.

“What are you going to do?” asked Jasper, tightly.

“You’re not human,” said Dave. He closed the file. “I could give you to the researchers, but then who am I going to yell at? There’s only one thing I need you to promise me.”


“Don’t ever go behind my back again. Don’t hide things like this. We’re more than partners—we’re friends.”

“Alright then.” Jasper gripped his hand. “I promise.”


Written in response to Sunday Photo Fiction‘s prompt. Check it out!

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