The Three Sisters


The Three Sisters (152 Words)

Once upon a time there were three brothers who lived with their parents in the midst of a vast forest. If there were any other people in the forest, they knew nothing of them, for they found no trails other than those they themselves had blazed, and they found no pits for iron in the bogs other than those they themselves had dug, and they discovered no hewn trees other than those they themselves had hewn.


Wallie and I are delighted to announce the publication of “The Three Sisters,” a fairy tale written by one of my little imp’s best friends. He and I are over the moon and hope that you will visit the magazine’s site Metaphorosis, to read the full short story. Fantasy, romance–what more can a story ask for?

Click here to read about the three brothers in the woods–and the three women who turn their world upside down. 

Do you believe in dragons?

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