Battle Scooter


Battle Scooter (168 Words)

You must know that humankind isn’t the only kind that places value on physical exercise. It comes very easily to birds and horses and bumblebees. It isn’t at all natural to goblins.

“Alright, stand in line,” said the coach grimly. “Two miles in twenty minutes is the goal. Ready, set…you, what are you doing?”

Ariz met the coach’s shock with a smile. “It’s a scooter,” he said. “Glorchis-s-s-s, I’ll have that two miles in one minute!”

The coach grit his teeth in the goblin’s smooth green face. “Get off of that thing and stand with the rest,” he said. “If you fall off of that thing in the middle of a battlefield, no one’s carrying you!”

Ariz gave up the scooter unhappily. The young woman standing next to him, her hair pushed back with a headband, winked at him with a radiant smile.

“That scooter wouldn’t have gotten you to the finish in one minute anyway,” she said. “And don’t worry. If you fall I’ll carry you.”


Written in response to FFfAW’s ChallengeCheck it out!

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