It’s More Than a Doodle


It’s More Than a Doodle (180 Words)

To be honest, Ms. Dailie always thought he was cheating, but the truth of the matter was Jim just couldn’t believe his eyes.

He followed the motion of Sally’s pencil. He always knew that with a name like Sally she couldn’t be normal. During their math exam, he had positive proof. Instead of answering the questions, Sally was doodling. Every now and then she would thump her thumb on the desk and chew her eraser, but mostly she doodled.

And the most peculiar thing about her doodling—the thing that no one ever believed Jim about, not to this day—was that her doodles were turning into perfect math.

Jim met Sally the next day. His mind was churning. He knew he had failed the test because Ms. Dailie had taken his pencil away and sent him to the principal. But he had to confront Sally.

“You cheated.”

Sally tucked her hair behind her ear. “Yeah,” she said. “Do you know they’ve been giving that same test for years? I just asked the desk and she knew all the answers.”


Written in response to Flash Fiction for the Purposeful PractitionerCheck it out!

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