Cave Dweller #writephoto


Cave Dweller (201 Words)

When Annie was little, she had liked to watch the cave from the outskirts of the village. She imagined that a troll lived there, or an ogre, with the bones of its victims scattered around the floor. Then she imagined a wizard was hiding there, brewing evil potions. Or maybe it was a fairy who stole babies in the night.

As she grew older, she decided a dragon lived there. It looked like a very dragon-friendly cave. But it was only when she was much, much older, and the village she lived in could no longer be seen through a child’s eyes, that she decided she would climb the mountain and find out what lived there for herself.

Annie took a few things with her for her journey. She took food and water, a blanket in case it rained and a pillow in case she was tired. It was almost evening when she reached the cave. Lifting her lantern, she looked inside.

It was dusty and empty. A few spiders made their homes near the door, and inside on a ledge was what must have been a bird’s nest, once.

“It’ll do,” said Annie, and spread her blanket on the floor.


Written in response to Sue Vincent’s Photo PromptCheck it out!

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