Six Worlds


Six Worlds (273 Words)

These symbols are a map. They are the six worlds in this part of the galaxy, separated by thousands of miles but linked by advanced transportation. My planet is the third, a golden land of deserts and rivers. It is the second and third, bare silhouettes on our-image map, that are trouble. If you look closely you can see them—faint outlines like shadows. We try to forget them. But we will never forget.

There was war once. I was not born then, but I see the shades of war on my parents’ faces, on the faces of our elders. We thought the war was over. But now there are new whispers, sightings of scout ships from those two planets. Their ambassadors say it is nothing but I think they are lying. My sister, Dezy, hopes they are.

She loves the thought of war. She will spend hours in the flight-dock, checking to make sure our warships are still functioning after years of disuse. Her husband, Har, says she is crazy. I feel sorry for him because I can see the fear in his own eyes that there will be war. The thought of war tests everyone. I think Har is wiser than Dezy, that he is right to be afraid.

I know the two planets, Hallo and Zir, are warlike and fierce. But some of them must be afraid, too. And although I’ve never used a ship to fight before, I know how to fly. I know how to use my voice. I will ask the questions my people are afraid to ask, and know for myself if there must be war.


Written in response to the Daily Post’s Daily Prompt, “Thwart,” and a wonderful painting by artist June Vess featured on You can barely see the two, almost invisible circles I mention in the story in this picture–it may be easier to see on Please check out the painting and support the artist! The painting is titled “Circular Synergy IV.”

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