Treasure Trap


Treasure Trap (198 Words)

Three days, walking through jungle, avoiding the teeth of poisonous snakes. Three days, and they found the big rock.

“This is the seventh rock we’ve found,” muttered Mr. Jones. “Next to the seventh sand pit.”

“How will we know when we’ve dug deep enough?” asked Macy.

Captain Lace frowned at his treasure map. “It doesn’t say.”

Mr. Jones was about to complain again when Macy’s shovel hit something.

“It looks like a chest!”

“Get it up here!”

“Get the lid open!”

“Open it!”

Macy opened it. “There’s just paper.”

“Give it to me,” said the captain. He took the parchment and reverently unfolded it. “This,” he said, “this is a map to Captain Kidd’s buried treasure. The treasure no one has ever found!”

Mr. Jones scratched his head. “Our map brought us to a chest that gives us another map?”

Macy threw down her shovel. “I’m done!”

“Now wait,” said the captain, “we’re making progress. See this, all we have to do is—”

The paper was snatched from his hand. The seagull carried it above their heads. What was a treasure map to them was to her, bedding for her nest.

“Alright,” the captain said. “I’m done, too.”


Written in response to Sunday Photo Fiction‘s photo prompt. Photo (c) Alastair Forbes. Check it out!

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