Uninvited but not Unwelcome


Uninvited but Not Unwelcome (99 Words)

Bats are whispering, fluttering creatures. Their furry bodies, their reptilian wings, are such a contrast of the charming and repulsive that they catch the unready mind off guard. For dragons as much as humans, bats are a surprise.

“You’re not a little dragon,” said Smoak, “and you’re not a mouse. What are you?”

“Bats! Bats! Bats!” came the answer from the eager, whirling masses. “Home! Home! Home!”

The dragon watched the little creatures snap the mosquitos and gnats that loved her damp cave.

“Well, it’s my home,” said the dragon. “But if you eat the bugs you can stay.”


Written in response to Carrot Ranch’s Flash Fiction ChallengeCheck it out!

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