Three Winks and a Wish


Three Winks and a Wish (185 Words)

“So,” said the genie, smiling. “Which one do you choose?”

Patricia looked between the three glasses unwillingly. The genie’s smile was not pleasant, a mix of malice and pleasure.

“It isn’t fair,” she said. “No way this decides what kind of wish I can make. How does that work, anyway?”

“Three glasses,” said the genie. “Three wishes. Whichever glass you choose first decides the quality of the wish that follows.”

Patricia sighed. She liked the blue one. Water was blue. But she liked the red one, too. That looked dangerous.

“You can’t pick two at once,” said the genie.

“Fine,” said Patricia.

She picked the yellow one.

The genie watched as she drank. “Now,” he said, “you can make a wish for health.”

“Oh?” Patricia took the next glass, the blue one. She toasted the genie. “To your health,” she said.

The genie was confused. “That’s a wish? For my health?”

“Why not? Oh, and my second wish. Are there any more of these drinks around?”

“You want more drinks?”

“More of these drinks,” Patricia said. “This is the best fruit juice I’ve ever had.”


Written in response to Sunday Photo Fiction’photo prompt. Check it out!

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