When Winter Comes


When Winter Comes (133 Words)

When spring comes, it’s abrupt. One moment, the world is gray and biting wind, and the next the green starts to show and the birds are singing again. It’s such a curious and immediate change that it leaves me scratching my head. Where were all the birds in the winter? What were the leaves waiting for before they started showing?

Change is an inevitable and not always welcome part of life. Myself, I have no liking for it. And when change came to you and me–when your leaves were no longer green and your branches almost bare–there was one thing that kept me through the winter. Trees, like all life, grow, change, grow a little longer and die. And yet through every season, their roots are the same.

Roots never change for the weather. So whether it is spring or fall, summer or wintertime, my love for you and the greater love that let us grow together will always be under our feet like earth itself. And that is why for all the change, there is no changing at all.


Written in response to the Daily Post’s Daily Prompt, “Abrupt,” and as a response to Ruth Palmer’s beautiful painting, “Deep Roots.” Please check out the painting and support the artist! Image (c) Art.com.

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