Princess Rex


Princess Rex (123 Words)

One of the ducklings was under the henhouse. Jasper knew it was Little Yeller when the Border Collie saw Yeller’s rabbit friend, Hoppie, close by. Dutifully, Jasper walked over and sat down.

“Yeller,” he said. “What is it this time?”

“Go ’way,” came the tiny voice.

Jasper sighed. He glanced at Hoppie, but the bunny’s face was enigmatic as ever.

“What is it, Little Yeller?” he asked more softly.

“They—they said I’m just a silly duckling.”

Jasper watched the tiny yellow head poke out from the henhouse’s shadow.

“Well you are just a silly duckling,” he said. “But remember what that means.”

Little Yeller looked up at the dog. “What’s it mean?”

“It means,” said Jasper, “you are a descendant of dinosaurs.”



Written in response to Sunday Photo Fiction‘s photo prompt. Bottom image is Richard Peterson’s charming photograph, “Rabbit Bunny and Duckling Best Friends,” image (c) Check it out and support the artist!

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