Mermaids and Ceiling Fans


Mermaids and Ceiling Fans (160 Words)

The ceiling fan wasn’t working and Jake was telling one of his interminable stories. There was no doubt he’d done a lot of traveling and adventuring in his day, but I’d never seen anyone so eager to flaunt it in the most unbelievable way.

“With all that seaweed wrapped up in our propellers,” he said. “We couldn’t go anywhere. We stuck there, with nothing at the bottom of the sea. You might say we were stuck.”

“You were stuck,” I said.

“Maybe. But that’s when they came out, the prettiest things you ever saw. Mermaids. I was worried they might get caught when the propellers started working again, once the seaweed was off, but those girls are quick.”

“Not girls,” I sighed.

“Right. Mermaids.”

“Were they really pretty?” asked Eddie.

I let my eyes crawl up to the ceiling. That fan wasn’t working. Far from the sea in the heart of Kentucky, no mermaids were going to fix it either.


Written in response to Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers‘ photo prompt. Check it out! Photo (c) Yarnspinerr.

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