Time Stopper


Time Stopper (164 Words)

She made it. She reached the top of the stairs with seconds to spare. But when she reached the tower, it was empty.

Anna ran back to the stairs and looked out the window. The Time Stopper was coming.


She turned around with a startled jump. When she saw who it was, she grabbed the elf by his shoulders.

“We have to hurry! Where were you?”

“There was a slight delay between your world and mine,” he said. “We can just make it.”

Again, up the stairs. There was the portal. Suddenly, the portal shimmered, wavered. In the blink of an eye it was gone.

“Oops,” said the elf.

Anna covered her face. “You idiot.”

She felt his hand on her arm. “Go, Anna. You can get away. The Time Stopper isn’t looking for you.”

She raised her head. Her eyes were wet but her hand on his arm was firm. “No,” she said. “If you’re ready for a fight, I am, too.”


Written in response to Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers’ Photo Prompt. Check it out!

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