I Knew a Winter


I Knew a Winter (130 Words)

I knew a winter in his spring.

Fair as freshly fallen snow
Quiet as contented woe
Stood apart with frozen face
Welcomed to himself, disgrace.

I knew a winter almost mild
Though his eye was dark and wild
Wildness pressed behind a pane
Mildness soft as winter rain

A temper temperate to see
In a snow-white fantasy;
I knew a winter that was still
Stricken by his own free will—

I knew a wintry heart, and I
Brought the summer to his eye
Caught him from an icy grip
Kissed the color to his lip—

He sank in warmth and melted whole,
Grey December’s dreaming soul;
Left to me a chill impress
August fever can’t repress—

I know a winter that will last
My future, as he was my past.


Written in response to Lars Van de Goor’s beautiful photo Ghost Web ForestCheck it out! Also written in response to the Daily Post’s Daily Prompt.

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