Dog Alarm


Of Dogs and Gremlins (178 Words)

It was a strange kind of castle to be hiding a princess in. It didn’t look very big. The general shape was square and solid, with four windows, a window on each wall, set very high on the ramparts.

“Are you sure we’re at the right castle?” asked Mr. Thornby.

The little gremlin nodded emphatically. It was the right castle.

“Oh dear,” said Mr. Thornby. “And ogres live inside? Are you quite sure?”

The gremlin didn’t know how to talk but it knew how to draw. It held up its note pad for inspection.

“Goodness,” said Mr. Thornby. “A dog, too.”

He decided not to knock on the front door. The little gremlin was waving at its pad at him, but it didn’t seem to realize he already understood the bit about the dog.

When the alarm sounded he drew up short. He saw it then, the little stone border collie. Its alarm must have been motion activated.

Mr. Thornby dove into the bushes.

“You could have warned me there was a dog,” he whispered to the gremlin.


Written in response to Sunday Photo Fiction‘s photo challenge. Check it out! Photo (c) Susan Spaulding.

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