Little Light


Little Light

The lights were beautiful. Every year the clan gathered to see them, the mysterious glowing orbs that some said were the souls of the departed communing with them like angels.

Grayse found Peepa at the top of their favorite tree. She panted as she climbed, scolding the little bird under her breath.

“What are you doing up here, silly? Phew, it’s hot.”

The little bird tweeted and fluttered her wings. She tipped her head, looking around them at the floating lights.

Grayse paused, wiping her brow. She had to admit, from here the lights looked even more beautiful, so close to her she felt she could almost touch them. Seeing Peepa hopping on her branch made the girl smile.

“You look just like a little light yourself,” she said.


Written in response to Bridget G. Evans’s beautiful painting, Mysteries of the Universe IXCheck it out and support the artist!

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