Moonstruck (198 Words)

It wasn’t a fairy tale. The day after the wedding, she went back to her job as one of half-a-dozen lifeguards at the community beach. He had the early morning to evening shift at the grocery store. And sitting at her post in the burning heat, her eyes shaded by the brim of her hat, Carrie wondered if anything had really changed.

It hadn’t. She knew that. Yet something was different.

Carrie looked down at the simple ring on her finger. It wasn’t anything really fancy. Neither was the ring she had put on his hand. But it was a promise, a promise that even at that moment, someone belonged to her. Someone was thinking of her.

Carrie’s eyes searched the beach. It was all bustle and activity, but everything was safe. The sun sparkled from behind thin clouds on the water’s rolling surface. The shine of light on liquid reminded Carrie of Eddie’s eyes. But Eddie’s eyes weren’t blue—they were dark and soft, glowing black eyes. They were like the sea under moonshine.

Carrie forced her thoughts to the present. But somewhere in the back of her mind, she was waiting for the moon to rise.


Written in response to Sunday Photo Fiction‘s photo prompt. Also written in response to Daily Addiction‘s one word prompt, “Oasis.” Check ’em out!

3 thoughts on “Moonstruck

  1. I liked your imagery and scene descriptions, especially the end. So much of life is just every day living, but it’s that much better with the knowledge that you’re connected to another human.

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