Sea Monster


Sea Monster (132 Words)

Supposing it was a sea monster. Billy and Brian insisted that it was. I thought there was a mechanical touch to it myself.

“Well go on,” I said. “See what it is.”

They looked around the bench, glaring at me.

“It could eat us, silly,” pointed out Brian, always the logical one.

I kept my video on them. “Sure. But, what’s a sea monster doing in a fresh water lake? I think you should check it out.”

“Billy can check it out,” said Brian.

“You can.”

“You can.”

“I will,” I said.

Not pausing my recording, I walked towards the water’s edge. It really was a suspicious looking object, but there was no doubt the gears and braces looked mechanical. Carefully, I looked into the water.

You’ll never believe what I saw.


Written in response to FFAW‘s photo prompt. Check it out!

Image (c) wildverbs

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