Seaside Song


Seaside Song (131 Words)

Was a sailor, sailor lad
Fell into the salty brine
Hit his head and caught his legs
In seaweed thick and tough as twine.

A mermaid fair with curling hair
Saw him drowning in the deep
Cut him free and brought him low
To her coral home for sleep.

When he woke what did he find
But what would make any heart fail—
There were his arms, but where his legs?
What was this green and fishy tail?

The mermaid calmed him with her smile
Her beauty was divine to see
Put pearls around his neck and said,
“Be my husband, stay with me!”

He looked around her coral home
And thought about the world above.
“Here take my hand, for nowhere else
Have I been changed and saved by love.”


Written in response to Sue Vincent’s Thursday Photo Prompt. Check it out!

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