The Umbrella


The Umbrella (175 Words)

She had carried the umbrella since she was a girl. Sunshine and rain, there was the umbrella in her hand like a gentleman’s cane. And walking in a moonlight garden with her sister, there was the umbrella spread as always.

Angie hadn’t seen her sister in ten years. Both of them had changed, but there was that umbrella.

“So,” she said. “Why do you keep it? That old umbrella? Was it Mom’s?”

Bonnie shook her head. “I found it,” she said. “Somebody just left it at the pool one day.”

For a moment there was silence between them. They had never been very close. But Angie said,

“Why do you keep it though?”

“Do you really want to know?” Bonnie stopped walking. She held out the umbrella. “Here.”

Angie took the umbrella. She had to admit, this was a little weird. But the minute she held the umbrella her mouth fell open.

“What the—.” She looked at her sister, stunned. Her hands clenched on the umbrella handle. “Why the heck didn’t you tell me before?”


Written in response to FFaW’s ChallengeCheck it out!

Photo (c) Michelle de Angelis.

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