Coming (133 Words)

She was going to do it. She had never been more terrified in her whole life.

Her old self-doubts came crowding around her. You can’t do this, you’re weak. You get tired running half a mile. Your stomach is like a rollercoaster, up and down. Think how sick you were this morning.

It’s true. She had been sick. But if she didn’t do this, no one else would.

Even her friends believed it was hopeless. No one had ever been able to catch the raiders’ ships with their boosted engines and fire.

Her hands gripped the wheel of her own little flyer. She closed her eyes and saw a face, a face that was more important to her than her own.

“Hold on, Robbie,” she whispered. “I’m coming. I’m going to save you.”


Inspired by Agnes Cecile’s amazing artwork, “In Trouble, She Will.” Check it out and support the artist!

Image (c)

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