Ribbons in his Hair


Ribbons in his Hair (161 Words)

Emily knew the minute she went around the corner that she was about to get an earful.

“It’s that time of the year again!” said the elf. He sat as if he’d been waiting for her, his hands clenched on tree bark and his green eyes seething petulant fire. “I’m never going to get the ribbons out of my hair!”

Emily glanced at the elf’s tree. The connection between him and the tree was still a mystery to her, but like most things about wild folk, she didn’t bother questioning it.

“What do they hang the ribbons for?” she asked. “All these people?”

“Wishes, good luck,” said the elf. He pulled one ribbon and let it go, watching the branch jump.

“Does it work?”

He glared at her. Suddenly, his face sharpened. The look in his eyes was disbelieving, outraged. “You didn’t…?”

Emily tried to hide her smile. “It’s a very little ribbon,” she said, tying it neatly in a bow.


Written in response to Sue Vincent’s Thursday Photo PromptCheck it out!

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